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4th of July in Seattle

My buddy Garret flew us up to the Great Northwest in his plane, a Mooney 20C, for the Independance Day week...

Here's the PIX!


Here's our approach into Seattle...


Yes it's quite odd to see one's hometown from the sky...


The first night we went and checked out my friend Pat's band, The Cinematics... the man SHAVED his head...


The Elsysian Brewery was ROCKIN' that night... That's me, Pat (guitar), Kirk (Bass and keyboards), and Jarrod (Drums- and soon-to-be HUSBAND of the BABE lead singer, Candace)


Here's most of the group:
(L-R) Kirk, Dana, Garret (above her), me, Pat, his girl that I forgot the name of, Jarrod, and Candace. The guy kneeling in front is some idiot that none of us knew...


Here's Garret and me and my Dad at Alki Point


My Dad and Step-Mom Karen got a new Condo the weekend I was in town... this is the deck...


I spent Independance Day with my Mom and other relatives at my Uncle Tom's Christmas Tree Farm in Shelton... he has a man-made pond... We caught a lot of fish- my Mom here caught the biggest...


I believe that little girl there is my cousin Annie's kid Katelin (?)

She's so adorable I'm glad someone randomly picked up my camera and snapped this shot ;^)

The REST of the Seattle pix are here:


Here is another view of "the Pond" that my Uncle Tom made by damning up a small creek about 25 years ago... I've caught many-a-fish in this drink...


The kids had a "Golf Chip Shot Tournament" onto a floating green- little "Huck Junior" here did pretty good!


At dusk- just before the fireworks were ignited- the kids lined up for there prizes for the "Fishing Derby" and "Golf Chip Shot Tournament"


Back inthe plane- that's Downtown Seattle below us- with the new Safeco Field at the bottom- a better pic of that to follow...


There it is... someday I'd like to see a Mariner World Series game there...



Here are some pix of the Puget Sound on our way to an Air Show in Burlington...


Here we are at the show- and my Uncle Tom here brought his Gyro-Copter...


Then we had to go home to L.A. - here's one more shot of GORGEOUS SEATTLE and the PUGET SOUND...


Back to L.A.- here we are approaching the West Side coming over the San Fernando Valley


Ya Gotta Love L.A. ... that's my work- the FOX building in the middle just below the baseball field...

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